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Luton Van Hire East Devon

The 'Luton' style van gives you the most possible cargo space in a 3.5 tonne vehicle. The names dates back to the 1930s when the Bedford commercial vehicle plant was based in Luton. These are the largest vehicles you can drive on a category B (standard car) licence.

You can typically get the contents of a 1 - 2 bedroom house into a Luton van, despite being slightly shorter than the average extra long wheelbase panel van.

Ford Tail-Lift Lutons

Using the cab and frame from a Transit with the typical Luton style box for even more space, the Ford Lutons give you a perfectly flat floor to the cargo area (no wheel arches as in Transits and other panel sided vans).

Due to the raised bed of the cargo area the Ford Lutons offered for hire from To an Fro come with tail-lifts to aid loading and unloading heavy objects.


  Internal Internal External External
Length 13.3 ft 4.04 m 22 ft 6.71 m
Width 6.9 ft 2.06 m 7 ft 2.14 m
Height 7.0 ft 2.14 m 10.2 ft 3.18 m
Door Aperture 5.8 ft 1.74 m    
Angle 14.9 ft 4.5 m    
Box Front 3.0 ft      

Vauxhall KneeHi Lutons

The Vauxhall KneeHi Lutons are slightly large in capacity than the Ford equivalent and can take a heavier load, however this is due to the lack of tail lift. Based on the Movano from Vauxhall, these KneeHi Lutons maintain the ride, performance and fuel economy of the Movano.


  Internal Internal External External
Length 13.5 ft 4.09 m 22.0 ft 6.71 m
Width 6.9 ft 2.06 m 7.0 ft 2.14 m
Height 7.6 ft 2.29 m 10.2 ft 3.10 m
Door Width 5.4 ft 1.63 m    
Door Height 6.4 ft 1.94 m    
Angle 14.8 ft 4.47 m    
Box Front 3.0 ft      

East Devon truck hire specialists To An Fro have a whole fleet of vans, trucks and lorries available for hire from our Honiton garage. We have vehicles of different sizes to suit your requirements. Contact us for more information.

We also offer a man and van service. Get in touch to find out more about hiring a driver.
Luton Van Hire East Devon
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